Freelancers in the initial stage of their career face an incredible challenge of securing clients against the experienced competitors. Those guys already have authority in the business with hundreds of positive reviews. The only solution here is to level up your marketing strategy and create a hard-to-ignore presence.

There is no shortcut to create a presence overnight and secure some high paying clients. It requires consistent efforts with the right strategy to close the deals. However, a lot of misconceptions about the marketing for freelancing business misguide the young professionals towards no positive outcomes.

In this article, we will discuss 12 tips for the freelancers to improve their marketing strategy and create authority.

1. Work Daily

Your daily schedule must have at least an hour allocated for the marketing. You can use it to update your profile on the online platforms to attract more clients. It can also be used to maintain your website and post new content on it.

Many freelancers send some sales pitch daily to potential clients. This helps them stay consistent with the marketing strategy. You will learn, adapt, and keep track of the progress more efficiently with the daily efforts.

2. Attend the Meetings

A common mistake for the young individual is they consider the big corporate meetings a waste of time. On the contrary, it is a great place to make some new contacts. Majority of these meetings end with a sales pitch.

There is no need to feel nervous about pushing your services to other people. They will agree to your offer only if they need your services. Just have a pitch ready before visiting the meeting venue for different customers and their requirements.

3. Experiment

Marketing is all about experimenting to stand apart from the crowd. It requires the person in charge to try different things until they get the desired outcome. The same is true for a freelancer with endless strategies available to use.

You can use blogging, social media, and YouTube to display your subject matter expertise free of cost. Go to the workshops, events and seminars to generate some business. Apply guaranteed loans for unemployed to cover the cost of these experiments.

4. Fast Response

Freelancing is the industry where quick response is vital to close a deal. If you are a little late, the lead will find someone else to provide the service. Also, your reputation will improve only if you meet the deadline.

You need to stay available at all times for your clients to build a long-term relationship. Return their calls, emails, and messages on any day of the week. To save their skin, you may have to put in some extra hours on the weekends now and then.

5. Create a Website

Genuine businesses take time before they settle for a freelancer. They check your credentials and judge your expertise based on them. You can use a website to sharethe value proposition, skills, and experience in-depth with the clients.

You need to put extra efforts into certain pages that include – the homepage, About Me, Contact Me, and Portfolio pages. You can add the blogs to the site to share your knowledge and style of work. It will help you gain some organic traffic as well with the search engine queries.

6. Find Better Opportunities

You should not stick to the same platform for long if there is not enough response from it. There are many online platforms including the social media sites to meet the potential clients. Take help from the successful competitors with some inspiration about the profile setup.

You might have to change the entire market based on the skills and response from clients. People switch from journalism to corporate writing to earn more money in a relatively easy manner. Find the alternatives if the current thing is not working for you.

7. Start from Small Clients

Big firms rarely hire a fresher in the freelancing business for their project. They have the resources and budget to hire someone with a good experience. You are left with small businesses to build your profile.

Small businesses are more willing to allow someone with no experience. This could be the similarity between their business and your new endeavour. You can take loans for unemployed from RecentFinance to manage finances if you are getting underpaid by the first few clients.

8. Flexible Rate

There will come a time when the budget negotiations will not go as per your expectations. The deal doesn’t fix the value of your work for other clients. Therefore, you should take a lower paycheque if there is nothing else to do.

The number of clients is more important than money in the initial stage of your career. They might connect you with some other people in the industry. If not, you need money to pay the bills and not exploit the savings account.

9. Ask for Referrals

Referrals from existing clients provide significant clients to the freelancers. You need to have the right strategy to ask for referrals from existing clients. It will help you get better clients with a better price for your services.

This is where your goodwill with the client will help your business. Many freelancers have more than doubled their income from referrals alone. Send an email on their account or ask them during the final meetup to suggestyour name to some other business.

10. Use Business Strategies

There are endless reading material and videos available for businesses to learn a new strategy. For freelancers, there are only a few sources that are reliable and worth a read. Therefore, you should use business-related materials and adapt them according to your line of work.

The strategies for a small business will be the most relatable for a new freelancer. It will help them optimise the budget and find some intuitive ways to pitch. You should treat yourself as a business to maintain motivation and commitment.

11. Build Expertise

You will learn a lot about the industry and the area of expertise with time. It will help build an authority in your line of work. As a freelancer, you need to show this authority to secure high-quality clients.

The authority will generate trust and credibility to help you close the bigger deals. It is important to stay updated with the latest trends and development in your industry. Share your knowledge through different platforms consistently.

12. Network

Networking with other freelancers is equally important in your line of business as the referrals. They may guide you through some roadblocks and offer some help as well. Also, make sure you contribute to the community if you want favours in return.

The online communities are easy to join and share your knowledge or opinion. Keep an eye on nearby events to make some contacts. Make sure you stay connected, active, and engage with the other freelancers.


To sum up, it takes a lot of efforts to create a presence as a freelancer in the market. You might have to work with a meagre paycheque in the initial days to build contacts and get referrals. However, your client list and income will improve if you follow the right strategy.

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