5 Start-up Tools You Must Invest in

Start-up includes various phases from ideation to launch. When you start a business, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to minimise the cost of your business while there are several unavoidable cost.

There are several start-up tools that you can use to minimise the cost of your business. You do not need to invest in all types of tools, and practically it is not possible either. You will have to pick the best one that can fulfil your need.

These software tools can help save your time and money. Here are the best start-up tools that you must invest in if you want to run your business.

Ideation tools

Ideation tools will help you know if your idea is going to serve you in the long run. Is it capable of generating profits?

Squad Help

This tool can help you in assisting with finding an ideal name for your business. There are two ways to pick names for your company.

First, you can start a contest through which you can engage hundreds of naming experts and second. You can pick the name available for sale. Here is why you should choose Squad Help:

  • This tool can suggest several business name ideas. These ideas will generally be from the community of naming experts. It is the largest naming expert across the globe.
  • It uses an advanced algorithm and machine learning to suggest your names. You can get a large number of ideas.
  • You can receive unbiased feedback on names you have picked by using the Audience Testing Service.


This ideation tool can help you capture every great idea and turn them into actionable plans. It can help you carefully analyse the big picture of your idea.

You can quickly validate your concept and vision. The best part of this software tool is it can help you make actionable strategies by targeting how, what and why. Jot down your abstract ideas, and then break them down to narrow down your idea.

Share your thoughts with other people who are involved in it. A focused discussion will help you validate your idea and concept. Track the progress of each idea until the level of completion.

MVP tools

These tools are helpful for those entrepreneurs who are creating web and mobile applications. It is crucial to understand how MVP (Minimum Value Product) can affect your business.

Just in Mind

It is an all-in-one prototyping tool. You can build the design from scratch, and they are available in interactive prototypes too.

You can create a delightful user experience by using a full range of web interactions. Here are the features:

  • You can design the style and size to decide the look of the screen.
  • You can create advanced interactions using a full range of animations and transitions.
  • It offers a variety of gestures that can allow you to scroll, rotate, swipe and pinch your mobile app prototype.
  • It can create wireframes that can adapt to all types of screen resolutions, including desktops.


This interior design software can quickly render you a 3D design. It offers you everything that transforms ideas into beautiful designs.

It is featured with an AI tool, and hence by putting minor details of the design that you have in your mind, you can get the best rendition.

Apart from uploading your own 3D models, you can also use pre-modelled products using drag and drop features. With just one click, you can switch between 2D and 3D models.

Launch tools

Many factors play a role in making the launch successful.  Here are the start-up launch tools that you can use for your business;

Product Hunt

This platform can showcase a wide variety of products. Even if you are dealing in an app or web product, you can use this platform to display them. This platform is the best way to launch your products for your start-up.

It has a pre-existing community of people who love to try out new products, and hence you can find out how likely your product can generate sales.

Press Kite

As a start-up entrepreneur, you will need a press kit to send to a journalist and get it published. A press kit can help you spread words about your business. It is a good way to announce your presence on the market.

This software can create a kit for your start-up in a couple of minutes. With the help of this tool, you can enjoy media coverage for your start-up.

Marketing tools

No matter what kind of product you are offering, you will have to market your business to attract more and more people. The following tools can assist marketing of your start-up.


This is the right tool to gather big data from your customers and get an insight into their behaviour to fine-tune your marketing strategy accordingly. You can build landing pages, postcards, ads, and so forth.

Google Analytics

This tool can help you track the traffic to your website. It will help you find out what is working and what is not. It is crucial to know what is engaging your customers, so you do not feed with dissuading posts.

Finance tools

It is paramount to know where your money is going and if you need to cut back on it or not. Finance tools can help you know a true picture of your finances.


You may need to raise capital for your business at the outset, and this tool can prove to be a better way to do it. It can manage your investor funnel. Everything will be transparent between you and your investor. It offers a massive database with over 100,000 angel investors and 20,000 venture capitalists. It can provide you with the fastest way to get an investor for your business.


It is the best platform to fund your venture. This tool can help you understand what investors want to see in your business before investing money. It offers benchmarks that can help you learn what you need to focus on.

Most of these start-up tools are not free of cost at all. At the outset, you may not have sufficient money to invest in these tools. You can take out guaranteed loans from RecentFinance.

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