6 Necessary Steps To Run A Productive Business Meeting

Whether it is about discussing business plans or taking feedback from the team, meetings are always necessary. They are a vital part of the office culture. It is essential to take care that a business gets the right outcome from every meeting. Do you organize business meetings often? The, with the help of some ways, you can make the meetings more productive and goal-oriented.

Simple ways can bring a big change

Yes, there is no need to do apply complicated ways to make a meeting productive. You can start with the more straightforward methods that are suitable for your business. Once you find what ways are going ideal for the company, continue with them.

1. Take less time

The employees want to get rid of office meetings due to long lingering hours when it comes to office meetings. They try to avoid it and present excuses to avoid it. Why not give a permanent solution to this problem? Schedule the meetings for a shorter duration.

Usually, the duration of 30 minutes is considered ideal for office meetings, as it is not too long, not too short. A short meeting is more productive because every participant makes efforts to give the best efforts to explain their points. You reach conclusions faster when the business meetings are small in duration. Perhaps it inspires speedy mind-boggling and brings out the best from everyone.

2. Plan in advance

Everything in business is all about small planning. It is applicable for the meeting also. So first, you have to focus on it. While planning, keep in mind that you have to move forward in the right way from the beginning. A distracted meeting never brings the required outcome. Review your plan before going to the meeting so that if any critical issue is missing, then it can be known.

Imagine a finance company that wants to introduce flexibility in repayment plans to its borrowers who take out loans for unemployed. Distribute the list of the employees. It is essential to write down all the necessary points of discussion. The participants will suggest similar aspects. It is essential that they should know about them.

3. Embrace new experiments happening around

All over the world, experiments are being done for office meetings. In this episode, Microsoft reduced working days in many of its workplaces to just four.  This was done to keep the employees more focused in the meeting. In addition, they should not get bored during the meeting.

You can also try anything that suits your business circumstances. For example – you can increase the lunchtime. When people get ample time to eat and relax, their minds will be more fresh and full of ideas. Schedule every meeting on Friday and reduce the working hours that day. Due to the happy vibe of the weekend and fewer working hours, the employees feel energetic in the meeting.

4. Call only essential people

A crowd of people only creates chaos and noise, and confusion. Call only limited, and you can manage the meeting peacefully. Many times the distraction increases due to the participation of more people. If the information needs to reach everyone, everyone can be informed by mail.

However, it is also important to mention here that essential people does not only mean the higher authorities. It is also about the employees at the end of the queue. They are also critical because they can show you the other side of the coin. Such meetings should be more about giving a chance to people to give speeches. That is the best way to make a meeting actually productive.

5. Do not forget to make a Takeaway List

The only meeting cannot do your job. Make a list of takeaway points that you expect from the meeting. This is important because you have to handle many projects in the office. Without such a list, you may miss recalling the points discussed in the meeting. Not only this, the team members do not take the meeting seriously, which is not considered good in any way.

Therefore, make a takeaway list of the meeting and follow it up. This is beneficial for the entire team and increases productivity. Do not just write anything. Not only the productive conclusions because business meetings are full of suggestions. You cannot write every suggestion. A takeaway list gives clarity.

6. Two-way communication is necessary

Meetings should work as a platform for two-way dialogue. Companies under pressure to meet targets in a rapidly changing environment cannot do that without team talk. In such a situation, all should have equal participation in the team. Meetings are held to give information about what changes have been made by the management. They define and redefine the role of the department and explain the critical decisions that have been taken.

The purpose of the meeting is not limited to this only. It cannot be considered complete without coordination in the team or new ideas. They come only through two-way communication. If you are the leader, give your team member a chance to speak. It is essential for him, you and the team. A collective point of view encourages people to contribute more to the team. This, in turn, builds up the confidence of the team. Meetings with one-way communication never reach their goals.


Meetings typically considered time-wasting and boring incidents are basically essential to keep a business strong. The core issues in a company can be solved only with the help of the right sort of conversation. This conversation can happen only in the meeting.

It is not possible to troubleshoot while doing your daily routine official work. Leaders and the teams need to gather while leaving their places for a particular duration to focus on the essential concerns. Your business meeting will always be productive if you know how to plan it and also how to drive it in the right direction. The above points are destined to help you make the right decisions about the business meeting.

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