Can Your Marriage Survive When You Lose Your Job?

Your marriage seems to undergo an ordeal when you lose a job especially when the financial burden of your whole family is on you. You may feel like it is all over and you may stop seeing a future being together with your partner. It is not surprising that many couples end up with parted […]

Use These Tips to Find a Job as Soon as Possible

Do you need a new job desperately? You are not alone who want to land a new job as soon as possible. The unemployment phase is transitory but you may take forever to get a new full-time job as you are moving in a wrong direction. When you lose your job for any reason, your […]

Unemployment might NOT get you guaranteed loan approval? Think Again!

Do you know that almost 250,000 people are currently unemployed in the UK? A large population is going through financial troubles due to the political environment in the country. With the ever-increasing demand for more affordable, more acceptable and immediate loans, the lending agencies and institutions brought in a wide variety of innovative loan services. […]