A business organization depends on varied project management methodologies for successful operation. The modern project management methods are quite versatile and can be used for various purposes. One of them is marketing. Yes, that is true; a suitable method is always strong support to the marketing strategies of a business.

Several methodologies are famous for this purpose, and you should know about them if your business needs some support for in-house and online marketing. We will help you understand the popular project management techniques that help fulfil marketing techniques.


Kanban-project-management methodology

Kanban method is known to keep thing overall process more visible with ‘work done’ and ‘work to do’ in focus. It is considered a simpler alternative to other project management methodologies and easy to apply by any business to fulfil marketing techniques.

Core practices of Kanban are visualization of the daily workflow, limiting the work-in-progress, and achieving targets faster. It clarifies the process in detail and evaluation of improvement opportunities.

  1. The focus of Kanban is on the recurring organizational tasks that demand better quality every time. This methodology is suitable for manufacturers where everyday performance decides the fate of a business.
  2. The project managers use simple techniques to track performance. For example, – they use sticky notes or write things on the whiteboard or any online tool about the project progress.
  3. The tasks are categorized into three prime categories – ‘Done’, ‘Doing’ and ‘T.o-Do’ things. The process works traditionally but with the capacity to embrace new trends.

How does Kanban Help in Marketing?

  1. It can be implemented efficiently on marketing plans due to its versatile nature.
  2. Kanban simplifies marketing procedures through the categorisation of tasks.
  3. It gives importance to the understanding of consumer behaviour.
  4. The method tracks the time that a task takes and reduces it with alterations.

Agile method

Agile is an advanced method known for its capability to embrace the latest trends, unlike the traditional methods that work like Kanban methodology. This type is suitable for businesses that need constant progress and have less to do with recurring or similar things.

In Agile methodology, the team managers keep all the tasks in a series, and the team keeps working on them one by one. According to the result in the current tasks, the team keeps changing the project strategy to improve the outcome possibilities in the next activity.

The agile method is the choice of young minds because, unlike the traditional ways, it does not work on the lean ways of working. The marketing teams frustrated from the slow and monotonous ways chase Agile to quench their thirst to get the desired result. It is the reason that marketing efforts depend on such project management tactics.

  1. Agile methodology adapts to change very fast with the progress of a project.
  2. It does not wait to end the process and do the necessary alterations in the project.
  3. The method is quick, adaptive and always ready for data-driven change.
  4. With frequent testing, the method does reassessment and change.

How Agile helps in marketing?

  1. This method does not wait till the end if things are not working and immediately changes the approach without any second thought.
  2. It is suitable for the businesses in which the clients want to involve in every stage of the marketing plan and be aware of the strategy.

Example – If as a renowned finance company, we want more people to apply for loans for unemployed from RecentFinance at lower rateswe will try different marketing methods. If a tactic fails to attract niche borrowers, we will change it in the middle of the process.

3. The final outcome in the Agile method is always uncertain because it can change the marketing approach during the process if it is not giving satisfying results.

Extreme Programming methodology

This methodology is primarily applicable to the software needs of a company for designing marketing plans. It entirely survives virtually, and the team needs to work on the related software to get the maximum outcome. The marketing plans that depend a lot on new technology and recurring advancements should definitely try this method. The start-ups may find it a bit difficult to apply this methodology because they may not handle the cost. The established ones and the industry giants can undoubtedly use it for their well-being.

In the past year, the corona chaos spoiled businesses, and at that time, the companies survived only through the immediate change in their online presence. Extreme programming is capable of changing according to every latest need.

  1. The primary activities in extreme programming methodology are pair programming, test-driven development and continuous integration.
  2. It redefines procedures to improve the quality of the software for the enhancement to serve the customer requirements at the right time.
  3. It depends more on the coding because the complete methodology works virtually, and the implementation needs a progressive approach.
  4. Only the businesses holding on to the latest technology and the manpower can tackle things with a tech-savvy approach.

How Extreme Programming Methodology Helps in Marketing?

  1. As this method works through software improvement, it is specifically helpful for e-commerce and IT businesses.
  2. The customers nowadays are tech-friendly, and they are capable of accepting the new initiatives by a brand. It is easier for businesses to work on this tactic.
  3. It resembles the culture of marketing techniques. Just as they keep changing according to the market trends, this methodology can also be altered.
  4. Businesses with the need for constant change in their marketing plans find this method extremely useful every time.

The above three project management methodologies apply perfectly to the marketing plans depending on the type of business. You cannot say that the methodologies with a traditional approach are not suitable for this modern era. Many businesses still follow a traditional approach for promotion because this is what suits them more. Every business can pick the method that it can apply easily without leaving its human resource in confusion. The other project management methods are – Waterfall, Lean, Scrumban, Adaptive project framework etc. The scrumban and lean resemble KanBan due to its traditional and simpler approach.

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