Raise your eCommerce Business with These 6 Marketing Approaches

ECommerce sites don’t have the luxury of loyal customers from the neighbourhood around their store. The biggest pro of opening the site, i.e., a target audience with no demographic limitation, is one of its biggest cons as well. Your online store has to compete with thousands of other retailers in the same space.

This leads to an increased focus on marketing strategies to increase brand presence and visibility. The sales graph will only increase if the customers land on the online store through the right channel. Moreover, the online platforms change their policies every year, making it critical to adopt new marketing strategies.

If you own an eCommerce store in 2021, you can increase your brand presence online with these marketing strategies.

Improve the Site Speed

Many eCommerce stores still don’t have site speed in their priority list of optimisations. They are important for search engine indexing and customer experience as well. Remember, you are losing customers if the site is taking more than 3 seconds to load the entire content.

This should include optimising every type of content or multimedia in your web pages. The images are extremely important since they also rank on the Google Image Search. You should always optimise them to reduce the site speed and upload them with appropriate alt text.

Work with Google Shopping Ads

The ad platform on the Google search result page provides a great opportunity for the small brands to make some big sales. You can use the Google Shopping space to display your products for a search query. It is one of the easiest and yet effective way to increase the number of impressions on your website.

Unlike the traffic from other channels, the conversion rate is significantly high for the Google Shopping ads. The potential customers get the images and price for the product in the small window. Once they click on it, they will land on the seller’s website to complete the transaction.

Introduce the Voice Search

The virtual assistants in smartphones are getting smarter each day. You don’t have to open some app and type to search the internet. Some eCommerce sites are using these terms to optimise their web pages along with the manually entered keywords.

Unlike manual keywords, only a few brands are using voice search entries to optimise their online stores. The long-tail keywords are easy to stuff because people are not lazy to omit some words while speaking. Therefore, you should experiment with voice search optimisation before it becomes a trend.

Hire an Influencer

It takes time to increase the follower count on social media platforms. To your disappointment, it is not possible to spread the words about a new brand without collaboration. Contact the influencers with the following of your target audience to promote your brand or product.

Your interaction on some other brand or influencers comment section may garner a few profile clicks. But the influencers can give way more impressions through a single post. It is easier than ever to gather investment these days if you are looking for loans for unemployed with bad credit to hire an influencer.

Giveaways and Competitions

Giveaways and competitions are the easiest way to increase likes, comment, shares, or followers on your brand’s pages. You can ask them to complete an action such as signing up or making others sign up on the website. It doesn’t have to be some freebies. You can also give away some coupons to the customers.

Coupons will increase your sales, make some profit while giving the customer some sense of savings. Competitions are still one of the most effective strategies to increase the number of visitors to your website. These two methods will also give free word-of-mouth marketing to your brand.

Content from the Customers

You can ask the customers to provide content for your social media handlers or website blog. They will make the sale only to be able to submit the content. They will promote the posts on their own to give the marketing efforts a boost without spending a penny.

You will get an idea about the customers’ requirement for content and their personas. Moreover, there is time and money saved on creating content to post for some time. The brands will have free influencers with not more than a few hundred links on social media.

Personalise the Emails

Customers appreciate the personalised mail because it makes them feel valued. The least a brand can do is add the name of the customer in the promotional mail. A person’s name is a powerful tool in the world of marketing and sales.

Many brands use the preference of customers to provide them with a newsletter with information about their favourite products. Wish them on their birthdays or holidays to create a relationship. However, you should not overdo the personalisation or number of mails only to end up in the spam box.

Promote Feedback and Reviews

Ask the customers to post feedback and reviews on your website pages for the used product or services. It will reflect well on your website for potential customers. These reviews increase the trust in products they cannot inspect physically before the purchase.

However, you should not post fake comments and reviews as they are easily noticeable. Reply to each comment politely regardless of the customers’ tone or reaction. You should not call out fake comments from competitors on a different platform. Always treat them like they are real.

Try Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the new trend in online stores or smartphone applications. You can use it in some creative manner to let the customers engage with the product. They don’t have to rely on the 2D images with no personalisation to make a purchase.

Many clothing and accessories stores use VR technology to let the users try the product. The furniture stores use it to let the users put the item in some area with specified dimensions or their living room. This technology is both fun and helpful for the user.

You need to build a smartphone app to provide this feature to potential customers. A loan can from a direct lender such as RecentFinance can help cover the cost of the investment.


To sum up, there are several creative ideas to market your online store waiting for your approval. Consider your budget and available resources before selecting one or a few strategies from the list above. Also, there are various factors about the target audience and industry that will impact the success of these strategies for your online store.

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