There are many instances in one’s life when a working professional is short of liquid cash and savings, and he has to borrow money from a financial institution. The downside to this is that he has to repay the loan amount and interest on the principal borrowed. It means you are repaying much more than what you borrowed, which further reduces your ability to save money as you are serving interest on the loan.

Thus, it is better to work part-time on weekends or freelancing to make some side money while working. This blog will give some of these sources of income for working professionals.

For medical emergencies that require significant cash outflow, there are loans for the unemployed in the UK offered by direct lenders present online. These are unsecured loans for which you don’t have to pledge any asset as collateral against the loan and also you would not have to produce any guarantor to represent you.

These loans have instant approval or rejection decision, which means the loan amount is transferred to your bank account minutes after it is approved.

Let’s look at some of the side income opportunities in the UK, here it goes:

  • Consulting

You can choose to become a freelance consultant in any domain where you have sufficient expertise in. It could be banking, retail, marketing, social media, FMCG, business consulting etc. You need to be meticulous to become a successful consultant as it is all about paying close attention to every detail to solve your clients’ problems.

Next, you need to have research skills and decent communication skills to communicate your recommendations effectively. This could be a weekend job, and you just need to devote a few hours in research and with your expertise, you can earn decent money.

  • Blogging

If you have a flair for writing with some creativity, blogging can be an excellent profession for you to earn a side income. The best part about doing part-time or freelance blogging is that the initial investment is low as you just need one desktop or a laptop with an internet connection, and you are all set to become a blogger.

There are many online platforms in Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, who has clients who are always hiring freelance writers to write for them. You can bid and apply for the project on these platforms and then deliver the work. This work can be quickly done on weekends and the remaining days are for your full-time job.

  • Online Teacher

People are compelled to stay indoors as the government has imposed lockdown due to Coronavirus pandemic. The learning is still not restricted in this technology-driven era as almost everything can be done online today. You can choose to become an online teacher in the subject you have expertise.

You can become a music teacher, yoga and meditation teacher, singing teacher, guitar teacher, mathematics, English or science teacher, fitness trainer etc.

 The initial investment can be financed if you take out guaranteed loans from Recent Finance, a direct lender in the UK. All you need is a device, WiFi connection, and a video calling app’s subscription. You can do online teaching one to one or make a batch of multiple students.

  • Video Editing

Content is the king and companies worldwide today rely on videos mostly over verbose blogs and articles since readers’ attention span is short these days. Thus, more the number of videos being published as content, more will be the need for video editing professionals who can make the videos more appealing.

Thus, the good part is that the demand is ever-increasing of video editors in the UK and globally. If you have it to become a video editor, then go for it or take an online course or watch YouTube videos in video editing to brush up the basics and acquire new hacks and techniques.

  • Social Media Manager

Since companies prefer digital marketing, this job is trending in the world, let alone the UK. There is a tremendous demand-supply mismatch here as social media specialists’ need is significantly higher than the right talent supply.

You can specialize in one social media platform: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest etc. In other words, become a master of handling one platform with in-depth knowledge about that platform’s latest trends.

Or you can also become a jack of all trades by being a social media specialist knowing all these platforms.

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