The Unemployed’s Dream of Becoming a Business Owner (1)

The 21st century is more competitive than any century has ever been. Its viciousness can drive a person into the never trenches of despair and insanity.

I know I sound censorious, but the truth sometimes is.

I consider the modern era to be vindictive primarily because of the corporate world. Have you ever witnessed the things that go on in there?

If you had, you would not be blaming me for being too critical of the present.

The Corporate World

A person enters the corporate world intending to survive there until the end. Getting a job in one of the Fortune 500 companies is a dream for many.

The ones who can get it consider themselves the luckiest of them all. However, this feeling slowly starts waning when the realities start showing themselves.

The corporate world is often said to not be for the faint-hearted. You have to be thick-skinned and lethal if you want to survive its ministrations; even then your chances are slim.

  • Imagine a 28-year-old employee who had been working on a project for over a year. Suddenly, the project is taken over by the boss’ close friend and all your efforts go down the drain.

  • The long-awaited promotion that had your name on it in bold letters is given to someone else, just because his parents knew the owner.

  • Still, you endure the humiliation and continue.
  • Then out of nowhere, the company starts to the downside. You are told that the delayering has your department on the top. So, now you are jobless.

This has happened to so many people in the present that it has become a trend. Can you tell me that I was wrong in calling the 21st century vicious?

Starting From Scratch

A 28-year-old educated man with a few years of experiences under his belt cannot find a job that is suitable for his qualifications.

On top of this, there is the fear of finding himself in a situation similar to his last employment. Now, for him enduring the tag of being unemployed is much better than taking the humiliation at work every day.

So, he decides that rather than being a doormat, he would become the most robust door, metaphorically speaking.

Why shower other people with your brilliance and letting them earn from you. This 28-year-old employed decided to start a business venture, wherein he would be the boss and the employee.

Who Helps in This Feat?

And so the decision was made. However, starting a business needs investment. Does an unemployed fellow have that kind of seed money? Most likely not.

What will he do then? There are several options for the unemployed to take on that can help start the business.

Government Benefits

The UK government is renowned for catering the needs of its jobless population. Seeking the benefits can help the prospective entrepreneur get some cash for his business venture.


You would be astonished to know that there are no guarantor loans for the unemployed in the UK. These loans are only provided to people who do not have a job and can come quite handy when seeking to launch your business.


The next is dipping into your savings. I am stating this one in the end because using up all your savings is not the wisest choice to make.

You have to think about the worst-case scenario as well and be prepared for that. Savings will help you then, however, using as much as only half can be considered appropriate.

The Real Investment

You have to remember that all three of these are just temporary options. They might give you the money to kick-start the business endeavour. Keeping the business operational for long would need more money.

If the business idea is in place, and you have established some form of groundwork, then a bank or investor will take your plan seriously. The money you will be able to get from these sources will eventually help you in making your dream a reality.

Winding Up

I believe having your own business, despite how small in size it is, will always be better than working in the backstabbing politics of the corporate world.

I left my job at a reputed company because I knew my gender would always keep me a step back in that world. I was unemployed for about 5 months, but never once did I lose faith in myself and my ability to start a business.

Five years later, my business has given me more success than I could ever dream of, all because I took that first step.

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