Tips to Avoid Being the Victim of Online Shopping Scams

The internet has made it convenient and seamless to visit any store and place an order to have goods delivered to your doorstep. Whether it is a piece of furniture or apparels, you can buy anything on the internet.

Although online shopping has become very convenient, you can become the victim of a shopping scam. Christmas and New Year are mostly two occasions when people buy many things, and this is when scammers get a chance to rip you off.

Online shopping is not bad, but as there are pros and cons of everything, online shopping is also subject to scam risks. It can be hard to eradicate it completely, but there are chances that you can avoid it. This blog discusses how you can avoid online shopping scams.

Shop with trusted sites

Experts usually suggest that you should type the complete URL address in the search bar to land that website directly. For instance, if you are looking to shop from Amazon, you should type the complete URL – If you have not decided which store you should shop or do not remember the complete URL, you can use keywords to find the store.

However, there is the catch. You have to be very careful while shopping this way. This is because you can have a lot of sites, including unfamiliar. Make sure that the site is absolutely safe while making a purchase. The kit is always suggested that you should avoid clicking an email or social media link.

If you have come up with an unknown merchant through an ad, you should Google it. You should find out about the merchant’s website, the products and services they are selling, where they are located, and what people think about it.

Most of the time, you will find that the deal given in the advertisement does not exist. At the time of placing an order, you must check once if it offers you the benefits stated in the advertisement.

Check the reliability of the site

Various websites may have bogus deals by scammers to take you for a ride. It is all but impossible to identify whether these sites are reliable or a scam. However, there are some ways you can check the reliability of the website.

When you come up with any shopping websites, you should run a background check. You should google it to see if people have used it to buy anything. It is always suggested to check reviews. If you see reviews on the internet about the merchant, you can trust it.

You need to see the following things whether people are buying products from that website and what was their shopping experience. This kind of awareness can protect you from being trapped in a scam.

Is the offer actually worth believing?

When shopping online, it is crucial to determine whether the offer is worth believing in. Sometimes the offer is too good to be true. For instance, you are looking to buy a laptop and see an ad displaying 50% off.

It is hard to believe that a company can take half cost off the actual price of the laptop. Although getting a deal with a 50% discount is not unusual and actually happens in the case of apparels, the laptop may not be a suitable product to offer such a huge discount.

Stop being tempted to see any offer or deal. Instead, you should think about whether it is genuine or it is a skullduggery to take you in. Advertisements are generally designed to talk you over, but you are to look over whether the stated things in it are fact or fake.

People are normally sensitive about prices, and hence it is a great tool for scammers to bamboozle you. By offering you a too good deal, they try to get access to all of your money in your account. If you come across any of such offers, you should immediately steer away.

Check your statements regularly

Even though everything seems right, it can be hard to spot the scam in online shopping. It is not surprising that many people complained about the withdrawal of money over and over from their account by the same merchant.

This is why many people are afraid of buying anything using their cards. Many people are sceptical about having their card details saved with the merchant. Well, even though their websites suggest that they do not store their card details, they do it. This goes with popular and reputed online retail stores too.

Sometimes scammers hack your details and then withdraw all of your money from your account. It is also reported that some fake merchants buy the product ordered by you from other merchants and deliver it at your doorstep and exploit your card details to take money out of your account gradually even though no order is placed again.

This is why you should check your bank statements to see no transaction has taken place. If so, you should immediately contact your bank and ask to block your card.

Use secured payment modes

Nothing is better than paying cash at the time of delivery. This removes all doubts and stress. However, if cash on delivery is not an option, you should pay on the page that is secured with http.

Try to pay via credit card because you are more likely to get money from the card issuer in case of fraud. Direct money transfer should always be avoided.

You should always be careful about scams while online shopping, especially if you are looking for cash loans to your door to fund an urgent purchase. This is because if you lose your money, you will have difficulty paying off the debt.

However, if you come up with any fraud and face difficulty settling your debt, you can talk to your lender. They will surely co-operate with you. This is why try to borrow money from a reputed online lender like RecentFinance.

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