What is the meaning of luxury for you? Is it staying in a five-star hotel room? Or is it little things in your travel journey that matters for you? People have changed and have become adventurous. This has made luxury travel changed dramatically. People want to experience local customs and food. This generation is filled with globetrotters who just want to travel the whole world.

To know more about the latest travel luxury trends, we need to get inside the mind of the modern globetrotter:

Flexible attitude

The traditional attitude and approach in the travelling industry don’t work anymore. It won’t be taken well if a traveller gets eye rolled on if he asks for some extra benefits or services. People like to stay in places that support a flexible attitude. People like to have flexible itineraries, early check-in, and late check-outs. As people rarely have time for long trips with a duration of seven to eight days, short trips are preferred by people.

Talking about cruise experience, they have up their game by giving an option of flexible dining for the guests. All the guests have to do is choose an early or late dinner slot.

Personalised touch

Imagine you are travelling to a new destination. You reach your hotel room after a long and tiring journey. You open the door and see a welcome note along with flowers and chocolate cookies. Maybe your photograph is framed along with all this. How does it going to make you feel? Nice and warm, which will make you want to come and stay at this place again and again, right?

Some guests don’t take the photograph touch well. So when someone is looking to stay at your accommodation place, give them an option to mention their Twitter or Instagram handle while filling out the form. This way, they will not feel offended by the photograph and will love this gesture.

As soon as your guests check out, send them a feedback form along with a nice message about thanking them for staying at your place and inviting them for a stay again.

Customisation is the new favourite

Luxury travellers love it when they can customise their tour while making it private. People love to take a tour of their chosen destination and don’t like taking public tours a lot. Some people like taking workshops or classes of making something unique and local to attain a new skill when they go back home.

In case a luxury tour offers adventurous activities. It can be an extra benefit. If your company doesn’t provide such activities, you can contact a local service provider and collaborate on such activities.

Experience matters for travellers

A person who is spending a lot of money on the next travel plan would like to experience something unique. A luxury traveller wants to connect with the locals and experience what the destination represents.

Many travellers have a bucket list consisting of some unique activities such as Bungee jumping, paragliding, going to a concert, or watching a local movie. If your establishment can help them experience such activities, then they will never forget you or the destination.

Hassle-free travelling

A traveller wants to experience hassle-free travelling. This means to give them a comfortable and frictionless journey along with a wonderful stay. This includes giving them services such as a personal taxi or a private car to help them reach different places.

You can also provide them with assistance in giving a personal tour guide that will take them to every place that they want to visit. You can also provide weather updates in advance to your guests. If your accommodation supports smart technology, then you can offer a mobile application for your guests to let them control the lighting and lock of the room they are staying in.

Some additional features

If your guests can enjoy the features such as a private pool or hot tub, then it can be a great benefit for your business. You can add some more features such as a private gym or patio in their room. You can also provide your guests with a personalised kit that can be useful for them during their stay. Keep a brochure with the best possible attractions and some hidden gems in the city that can be visited by them.

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Many hotels across the world are offering such luxurious services to fulfil the expectations of luxury travellers. This new trend has top up the game of travelling industry. Accommodation plays a huge role and can make or break a travelling plan for anyone. While giving them a personalised touch with flexibility, you can help them give a perfect trip that they can remember forever.

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