A ‘No’ is always pleasant when it comes as ‘no’ guarantor loans

The unemployed people usually struggle to have a loan approved because they lack a steady source of income. Direct lenders approve a loan application only when they are sure about your repayment capacity. Despite the income source such as a rental income, they deny lending you money as your profile shows high default risk. Some lenders sign off on your loan application provided you either arrange a guarantor with a good credit history or put collateral against the loan.

A few lenders like us believe that you do not have control over your financial condition, and you may need a chunk of money to finance your unexpected expenses. Since you cannot wait for long to arrange funds, RecentFinance provides you with no guarantor loans for unemployed.

Can unemployed people apply for a loan with bad credit and without a guarantor?

The shortest answer to this can be yes. Now, the logic makes it possible with us. RecentFinance facilitates progressive financial services that do not depend on suffocating lending policies. We work directly on the philosophy that a person should have the capacity to repay the borrowed funds.

Through any possible source of earning like part-time, freelance or even unemployment benefit if a person can prove that, we approve funds. It is sufficient reason for us to provide instant loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor. For sure, this should sound like a good deal to you.

Besides the instant assistance, we also try to confirm that you get your due share of financial support without any chance of rejection. During unemployment, a denial can be even more adverse for your credit rating. In spite of bad credit, we provide you assured funds through our guaranteed approval loans with no guarantor. This denotes the surety of approval on your loan application on the same condition that you help us understand your repayment capacity.

What Benefits Can I Seek on Loans without Guarantor?

Providing the guarantor may bring several kinds of benefits in front of you, but we still deliver those benefits even if you do not have a person to co-sign the loan agreement with you. Here they are:

  • You have no fear of losing collateral.
  • You can take out a loan despite bad credit history.
  • The application is approved within 90 seconds.
  • Instant decision is made.
  • You will not pay any upfront and hidden fees.
  • They come with flexible terms.
  • No hard inquiries will show up on your credit report.
  • You can use these loans for any purpose.
Benefits of loans with no guarantor

You may end up paying higher interest rates in case of impaired credit rating. Though it is a quick funding source, you should borrow money only during an emergency.

What if You Carry A VERY Bad Credit Score

If a very bad credit score has been issued against you, stop worrying because you still have a chance to take out short term loans with no guarantor required. Undoubtedly, many online lenders still follow traditional lending criteria that make the approval of application procedure extremely complicated. We provide loans on easier terms and conditions, particularly with no credit check policy. We may approve your application even if a worst poor credit appears on your financial report provided you can pay off the debt.

Some resolving ways that can make your borrowing easier with 0-560 credit score are –

  • Provide us with a plan of paying your debts to the creditors. This helps us know where exactly you stand in your financial situation.
  • In case if you have paid some of your pending obligations, provide us with the payment proof.
  • If you have paid off any high-interest debt, for example, a credit card, then we provide you with a more significant loan amount.

Note: The above situations on a very bad credit score are subject to the individual circumstances.

How Can I Apply for No Guarantor Loans?

Very easy, you need to have internet access, and further process will be convenient to follow. Besides, we charge much more affordable interest rates than other lenders to ensure that you do not fall in a debt trap. Before you apply, we provide the loan quote to let you know the actual cost. This is our way to act transparently, unlike the established practices where the lending companies desperately want the borrower to click on the ‘apply now’ or ‘get funds’ option. You only need to follow the following application procedure:

  • Land on our website and choose the ‘no guarantor loans’ from the product list in the menu
  • Mention your desired loan amount and tenure on the top to get the quote before the final decision
  • Once you click on ‘Get a loan’ the loan application page opens
  • Fill the information and click on the ‘apply now’ option
  • Get instant approval decision
  • In the shortest possible time, we send money in your bank account

The process remains unhindered despite bank holidays.

All the above steps are for your surety and convenience.

RecentFinance is always determined in its only aim of delivering financial well-being. With friendly interactions, we create situations where we can construct better loan services with a bit of contribution from the fund seekers.

Apply for no guarantor loans for unemployed today and let us give you a helping hand.

No Guarantor Loans FAQs:
Can I get a no guarantor loan if I am unemployed?

We all know that there are various loan options available for people who are in a regular job and earning well. But the same is not true for people who are searching a job or are unemployed. If you are in the UK and have some financial problems while being unemployed, is there any loan you can take? Yes, there is.Unemployed people in the UK can take advantage of no guarantor loans and take care of their personal expenditure.

How can I get a no guarantor loan online instantly?

Being unemployed poses many difficulties in our day to day life from personal finances to paying rent and food. It is really not a good state to be in. However, there are loan options available for unemployed people in the UK and one such type is no guarantor loans which you can get instantly online. All you need to do is just go online and search for a lender at a competitive rate and apply there. Once you send the application, you will get the status update shortly. After your application got approved, the fund will be sent into your bank account within hours.

What happens if the borrower fails to repay the loan?

Though it is not a good practice to miss or delay your loan repayment, due to some reason people fail to repay the loan. There are consequences to this. If you fail to repay your loan, you might have to pay extra charge and interest on the missed payment. Failing to repay your loan will badly damage your credit score which will create problem in the future. If the situation becomes worse then you may get a CCJ also. You have to declare yourself bankrupt and might have to lose possessions. Hence, it is better to repay the loan on time and avoid complications in life.

Can I skip a no guarantor loan payment?

Each lender has different terms and conditions for missing repayment. You must have gone through all terms and conditions before taking the loan. And you think you are about to skip the payment of your loan; contact your lender to inform them. They will look for options, can change your payment date and if possible can waive off some fee as well. After all, they want their money back and obviously will help you they sense of a chance of getting it.

How can I get rid of my no guarantor loans fast?

That sounds really very good! This is definitely an attribute you should look when researching options. There are many lenders who give the option of early repayment. So it is better to take a loan from those lenders who let you repay the loan before schedule time without any charges. Most of the lenders will allow you to pay early but some may charge extra money because of probable loss of interest for them.

Can I get a no guarantor loan if I just started a new job?

Definitely, you can get a no guarantor loan if you have just started a new job. As you know this type of loan is for a small amount without any collateral. Also, this is the best choice for an unemployed person. Though, lenders charge a high rate of interest. They are only concerned about your income and since you just started a new job means you can pay them back on time. So, it is not an issue for lenders to offer you no guarantor loan.

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