Warning: RecentFinance charges neither upfront fees nor hidden fees. You will pay only interest along with what you owe.

Why Choose RecentFinance?

At some point in time, you may realise the need for some extra funding access. You have monthly income but it is not sufficient to cope with both regular and irregular expenses. But when you enter into the unfortunate world of unemployment, you may find yourself trapped in a financial emergency. Worrying for the situation does not bring adequate outcome for you rather choosing RecentFinance can guarantee you with sufficient way to come out from this tricky period. We bring financial assistance for you on an instant basis through the means of responsible and reliable lending.

Our unsecured loans for unemployed people comprise with salient features, such as:

  • Financial Help during an Emergency
    You cannot survive for long with not having a job and thus, you need immediate funding access from somewhere. The situation may get worse when unexpected expenses arrived. Our unemployed loans to help you with giving easy access to the necessary funds that you can further utilise to ease the prevailing burdens.
  • Instant Loan Approval
    Once you submit the online loan application, we quickly look at it and vow to response you early. If approved, you will quickly receive a confirmation mail regarding loan approval, which will be followed by quick money transfer to your bank account.
  • Any Credit Score Is Accepted
    RecentFinance is the hub of unbiased lending policies and we accept loan applications irrespective of good or bad credit scores. Whatever your financial background is, it does not matter while approving the loan applications. In fact, you get the chance to improve your credit score via the flexible repayment period on your loan.

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Can I repay
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 (1 to 60 Months)

THANKS to online lender of Recent Finance I was totally broke and needed money urgently. None of my family and friends helped me to borrow money. But I search for the online help it guided me to online lenders. With the help of simple and easy features I was able to manage the financial struggle. Three cheers for a direct lender!!!
Birmingham - Alice Stone
When you work hard the solutions comes on your own, these are the words of every experienced person. I was running out of my savings and I need some extra funding just to favour emergency situations. Only Recent Finance helped me to solve my financial situation by providing me easy repayment and the desirable amount.
London - Richard Williams
Recent Finance is all in one platform the moment I applied to the loans it provides me instant disbursal. With the help of it was able to knock all the financial unbalance. Not only that, it truly gives flexible features to each one of the borrowers so that every borrower do not hesitate to apply.
Manchester – Evie Jones
I was facing a hard time and that time only the financial assistance of direct lender helped me to solve my crisis. Thanks to Recent Finance because it allowed me to apply for a unemployed loan and after that I have received instant approval. Hence, a lender worthy to trust!
Glasgow – Paul Thomas
The best service, instant approval, and easy repayment mode everything a lender provides you. If you are determined then online financial assistance is the best way to solve your financial juggle. I applied to guaranteed loans for unemployed despite having the constraint unstable income but the direct lender served my need with flexible feature.
Newcastle – Susan white
Greetings!! to the online lending source because it helped me in the hard times of my life. When no one helped then a direct lender will definitely consider you to apply for loans. Recent Finance helped me.. To borrow the money even with the constraint of a low credit score, there is a feature of no credit check, yes! It is true nothing can stop you to get the approval with low credit score.
Sheffield – Sophie Jackson
A billion thanks to Recent Finances it actually do of what they say. There is no cloud walk on the features given by lender. It helped to provide easy and flexible borrowing and that helped me to solve the financial problem in no sooner or lesser time. A piece of advice to all the future borrowers.. If you have a strategy then option direct lender will truly help.
Bristol – Jack Lewis
Responsible Lending Policy

RecentFinance was started to become the pioneer of responsible lending and since then, we have been fortunate to do the same while serving the financial interests of the borrowers. You just have to go through an online lending process and related terms and conditions before confirming the loan deal for you.

  • Flexible interest rates and repayment terms -
    All the loan products here are available for the repayment term that starts from one month to 36 months. As far as APR is concerned, it does vary loan to loan and it also depends upon the financial capacity of the borrowers.
  • Repayment Process -
    Not all people would able to repay the loan within the given schedule, especially during the unemployment. If they have any problem regarding this, they should contact the direct lender as quickly as possible and the lender reserves the right to take any further decision.
  • Suggestions on No Repayments -
    RecentFinance always suggests its borrowers repay the borrowed amount under the prescribed period. Although depending upon the situation, the lender may confirm its policies regarding the applicable fees or interest on any late repayment or non-payment. It is suggested here that you should inform the lender in case you have some sort of difficulty in making the payment.
  • Late Repayment of Loan -
    Contact the lender as early as possible if any difficulty arises in making the payment of the loan. The lender reserves the right to impose any penalty or secure late repayment fee from the borrowers. The amount may vary and thus you should look at all the terms and conditions before signing the loan agreement.
  • Renewal Norms -
    RecentFinance gives you the option of auto-renewal on loan policy until you find a new job. However, it is not completely automatic but can be restarted only after your confirmation. Based on the requirement, the direct lender may charge the same fees and interest rates for a further loan period on the full amount. A suggestion here is, do not renew your policy if you have already struggled to make the repayments on time, not just a loan but also of other active credits. Contact the direct lender if there is any doubt.
  • Let Lenders to Take Own Decisions -
    For the borrowers, it would be better for them if they allow the direct lender to make its own decision without any interference of any third party.
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